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Aquamate Water System Tank


PRICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Due to rising costs of raw materials, overhead, labor and freight, prices will increase 15% on the AquaMate portable watering systems, parts and accessories at the opening of business on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. 

Aquamatics, a division of American Granby, manufactures and sells AquaMate portable watering delivery systems. Used by interiorscape companies, corporate landscape maintenance departments, floral and produce departments in grocery stores and garden centers. Aquamate portable watering systems are a safe and professional alternative to hoses and buckets.
  • 5 Models ranging from 9 to 40 gallon capacity for a variety of applications.
  • Pre-pressurized steel water tank with an appliance-like enamel finish.
  • Interchangeable wand tubes and spray heads.
  • Swivel casters on the front and durable wheels on the back for easy mobility.
  • Proven quality: years of tank production and field experience.

How to Pick the Perfect Aquamate

5 Aquamate Tanks
Many of our customers ask this same question. Here is a sample of our recommendations to help you pick the perfect Aquamate for your application. Be sure to evaluate your usage and your watering personnel in making your size selection.

I have a small shop where I need to water 30-50 containers every day or two?

A Model 2 AquaMate (AQM2) sounds perfect. It can be stored in a corner taking up very little of your precious space. 9 gallons should suit small shops or departments like yours. Refill time: 3 minutes.

Each of our technicians services 6-10 accounts in a day. Each account has between 50-200 plants. How many and what size tanks do I need?

Since your technicians travel between accounts, we recommend a Model 3 AquaMate (AQM3) for each. It will optimize your water capacity at each account and be the easiest to load and unload. Each technician should have their own system in order to maximize their efficiency. Refill time: 5 minutes.

We're a garden center with two greenhouses of plants. We need a watering method that's safe and efficient to use around our customers.

AquaMate mid to large size systems are ideal for this situation. We recommend an AquaMate Model 4 or Model 5 (AQM4 or AQM5) which carry 20-28 gallons of water at a time. Without long hoses and spilled water from buckets, your safety concerns are eliminated with an AquaMate. This size system would also work well for in-house landscape maintenance departments in corporate offices, hotels, and resorts. Refill time: 7 to 10 minutes.

I'll be running the maintenance department in our new 1,000,000 sq ft facility opening soon. With so much area to cover and so many plants, I'll probably need a large machine. Am I right?

Yes, a few of our larger systems should suit your needs best. How else can you move 30-40 gallons of water at a time? An AquaMate Model 5 or Model 6 (AMQ5 or AQM6) for each wing or floor of the facility will maximize your watering capacity and minimize your time spent on maintenance. Refill time: 10-14 minutes.
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